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Blood is Thicker than Water (or something like that)

August 10, 2017

While back in Michigan for a wedding last weekend, I got the chance to go to my big sister's house for dinner, see my niece and nephew, and hang out with her and her boyfriend. She asked me to take photos for them and I was incredibly honored. 


It was interesting being in my big sister's home as a grown-up myself. The last time I really occupied her space I was in college and my life was kind of a train wreck, tbh. Now that we are both adults with men that we love and homes that we manage and lives that are varied and interesting, I felt more of a bond with her than I have in years. I missed that. We got to spend time with our parents, talk to our little sister about her college plans and jobs, see the kids run in the yard, watched the guys play around with the big loud car. It was strange and out of my element and comfortable and happy. 


You can't choose your family, and I rebelled against that for a long time. I thought fighting meant these ties weren't worth it. Now that I live far from them all, I find myself looking forward to the times when we're together, and planning the visits that we can take back and forth. It's really good to come to terms with messy family pasts, and feel the warmth of excitement radiating from the future. Anyways, here's her happy little family (that I gladly claim as a part of mine, too). 



















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