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How I avoided heat exhaustion and shot my first full day wedding

September 12, 2018

Just kidding, there's no secret. Just a lot of water and a thankfully air conditioned building. All jokes aside, this day was a joy. Truthfully, I kept waiting for jitters. I heard all the photographer horror stories and I was expecting that at any second I would curl into a panic ball and send a refund. I don't have top of the line equipment, my camera is quite a few years old, and I had only shot one other wedding as a prime photographer. 


And yet, the jitters never came. I just realized I knew my equipment, I had shot in enough weather conditions to be aware of how to adjust accordingly, and I am surrounded by so many creative inspirations that I felt no lack of imagination regarding what I wanted to capture. I know I'm talking a ton about me, but this is a big deal! A very far cry from staying up hours the night before my first (unpaid!) shoot, cruising Pinterest for poses and writing down verbatim what I wanted to copy (I know, I'm the worst). 


Growth, growth, growth. You'll hear photographers talking about it forever and ever, and with good reason. Our work gives us the unique position of being able to have a literal visual library of images we used to adore that we now regret, and our portfolios are always evolving. This is my evolution, and the start of a beautiful new friendship with the wedding industry. Here's to the next! 




































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