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Give Yourself Grace

June 3, 2019

I don't go super personal on here because I feel weird tying images of other people and their lives and stories in with my own thoughts and life, but maybe I need to get past that. I've been learning lately that I have a lot of insecurity, rooted in past betrayals, that I've never given fair attention to and yet dramatically impacts my day-to-day life. I have this idea of what being an 'interesting' person is, and it's rooted in the ideals of people that are in my past and remain there for a reason. I'm learning to relax and let myself be and it's freeing. I feel like I'm re-discovering a softer person, a girl that I missed, and I'm telling her it's okay to come out of  hiding. 


How does that translate to this blog post you may be wondering? Are you becoming one of those food blogs that gives gives ridiculous anecdotes before the recipe? Not quite. I'm just feeling renewed, and as a result I can feel my need to create blossoming in a really refreshing way. Lexi + Brad let me take them into my favorite park and use a mirror, and laying on the ground, and atypical things to get an idea out. Nothing is ever perfect in my perfectionist mind but I'm learning to give myself grace when I don't nail it, and appreciate the strides I've made, in my art and my life. I'm learning to stop making myself small, and I am genuinely excited to see how this confidence and lightness translates into my work. 

































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